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We are innovative, fast and transparent.

We are burning for virtual reality and the realization of new ideas.

We are DIE WELTENWEBEREI, a studio for 3D-visualization and virtual reality from Krefeld, we believe in virtual reality with benefits.


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"Winner [...] was DIE WELTENWEBEREI, which focuses on virtual reality applications and has already worked for the Burg Linn Museum and Helios Kliniken."


The Economic Magazine for Krefeld


Inspire – Experience– Understand

Communicate content with virtual reality in an immersive, interaktive and intuitive way.

Wether as a resoration of historic buildings, staff training, as support in medicine or something completely different.

Together we can make ideas tangible!

Support in therapy:

Here you can access our work in the medical field.


Experience history, create culture!

Our projects for museums and cultural institutions can be found here. 


Training, education or marketing, here you find our projects in the fields of business and industry.


You have your own idea?

There is nothing of the shelf with us. We design individually with each of our partners and develop tailor-made applications.

Talk to us, we look forward to hearing from you!


Discover the possibillities of Virtual Reality.

You want to find out what VR can do? At a workshop, we work together to develop the optimal use case of Virtual Reality in your field of application.


Your assets ready for use

We optimize your assets for use in VR, AR and Games


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Let us create new worlds together!​

Wa rea looking forward to hearing from you!